NicoBloc was used as part of The Rosen Program, a corporate wellness program that helped employees live healthier lives.

Over a 3-year period, nearly 60% of those who completed the six-week program gave up smoking completely. These impressive results are documented through testimonials from some of the UK & Ireland’s largest companies.

*Based on a 59% success rate achieved during the two-year study and the fact that the Rosen Program is 100% natural with no drugs or side effects allowed us to offer the program to all of our staff without any requirements for prior medical screening.

We would have not hesitation recommending the Rosen Programme to any smokers who are serious about giving up smoking.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

*The program was considered a success – 75% of the group stopped smoking completely, with the combined Carbon Monoxide levels reduced by 80%

Dixons Stores Group

*The program was highly successful, 90% of the participants stopped smoking altogether and 10% reduced their consumption considerably.

Kvaerner Metals
*75% of the participants completely stopped smoking and the remainder reduced their intake by 70%.

All those involved found the program very effective and helpful.

Robinson Special Packaging

*With constant support and commitment by all those who took the decision to give up smoking the group as achieved 100% success rate.

Hull Blyth

*You must feel pleased with at your 100% success rate here and we are all grateful to you.

The Conservative Party

*I had no personal experience of the Rosen Program before the contact was made at Sherwood. But having experience of this program now, I would have no hesitation in recommending this to people who are 100% genuine about giving up smoking.

Sherwood Medical Industries of Ireland

*71% of the group stopped smoking and over the whole group the Carbon Monoxide levels were reduced by 87%. Of the rest of the group who did not succeed in stopping smoking completely, they did in fact reduce their smoking by over 50%.

Mitchell Cotts Remanufacturing

*This is to inform you that this program was implemented within Yorkshire Water during 1998, with an 83.33% success rate. Everyone was pleased with program and its results.

Yorshire Water

*I was pleased to note that we had 100% success in the numbers who stopped smoking and the CO levels recorded were down 80%.


*Though the pass rate was 56% at the time the program finished, this has now gone up to 66% with continual encouragement to help those need just a little but longer.

Paisner & Co

*It has been a great success with 67% of the group stopping completely and the class registering a reduction in carbon monoxide levels of 80%. The few remaining who have not yet given up have significantly reduced the number of cigarettes the smoke each day by 72%

*During the pilot program we had very positive results from participants resulting in approximately 70% success rate (total cessation of smoking) and reduction of 80% in cigarette smoking for the remainder of the early stages of the program. We extended the program to other plants within the group.

From our analysis of the program we considered it to be very successful to date:

  • 50% of employee stopped smoking completely
  • 35% reduced their intake by approximately
  • 10% reduced by 50%

Some of these individuals were smoking from 10-70 cigarettes.

Avonmore Waterford Group, plc

*At the start of the course, cigarettes smoked per day by the group ranged from 20-30 a day. Within the three weeks the number had halved in almost all cases! By the sixth week, an impressive 70% of the attendees had either stopped completely of were smoking one or two a week.

Royal Opera House

*During the first six weeks Carbon Monoxide levels of the whole class were reduced by 85%. Cigarette consumption of the whole class was reduced by an equally impressive 93% and the percentage of the group who successfully stopped smoking was 80%. Those who did manage to stop completely reduced their intake by 73%.

Fortrum & Mason

*Following the recent completion of the Rosen Programme I would like to place on record our thanks for supplying the service and demonstrating your dedication and commitment in supporting the staff which attended, it certainly helped us achieving the 62.5% success rate.

Liverpool Victoria

*Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person.